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The Playable Cats were specifically designed to represent the great diversity of personality and play types, each of them with their own unique set of strengths and flaws which emphasize the  need for collaboration and interdependence.

Pestilent foes have been designed to represent the real apocalypse attempting to creep into our lives every day. Things like politicians using divisive speech to turn us against each other, social media companies investing billions to keep us addicted to external validation, and megacorporations hijacking governments and schools to train us from birth to identify as consumer-workers.

The game of Apocalypse Cats takes place in the Realm of Domexus, which is the area of every home just outside our normal human awareness, between the floor and about knee-height. Yes, humans wander the realm, but as large, unknowing beasts that graze and fumble about their long, strange lives. Even though humans can barely perceive the insidious war waging right under their noses, their homes will still crumble should the forces of Pestilence win. Lucky for them, their loyal feline defenders remain vigilant and diligent and all the other things humans take for granted about them.


Is Apocalypse Cats a game with a political message?

The answer to that is emphatically NO. However, it is a game with a social message, one that we hope appeals to all types of players and brings hope and courage for a better future. These pestilent hazards are not drawn across the lines of political parties or the boundaries of countries, under these toxic systems we all suffer together. But if we learn to leverage our differences to create resilient strength and learn to find our common goals, we can unite our communities and create an apocalypse-free world for all of us to enjoy.


We are all in this together!