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Cat Island Games is a studio that spans from California to Costa Rica, dedicated to creating game experiences that provoke teamwork and clever strategy while also making the world a better place to live. We are dedicated to sustainable production and positive messaging with inclusivity and celebration of people from all races, ethnicities, genders, orientations, abilities, professions, spiritualities, and national origins. Play is a great uniting force for humanity, and we want to give people a reason to spend a little less time on their devices and a little more together at the table sharing laughter and making memories (unless we release the game on devices in which case please spend as much time on them as you wish).


The system is designed and undergoing playtesting to balance each deck and ensure the theming and enjoyability are both pervasive and hilarious. Over half of the massive art set is complete with another quarter in draft form, and we are currently preparing the game for a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign or for collaboration with a values-aligned publisher.

Where are we at with Apocalypse Cats?

Using audience-centered approaches, Roberto creates playful experiences capable of communicating ideas, causing reflection, and provoking change. His background as an engineer, professor, and designer, gives him an understanding on how to translate world-systems into design-systems capable of fostering engagement through intrinsic motivation and play. Roberto is from Rio Pardo, Brazil and now lives in Santa Rosa, CA with his awesome husband and three fat, smooshface cats, Boo, Loki, and Princess Poopina Hamilina Gordina, as well as the adorably haunting ghosts of dearly departed Piggy and Merlin.


Outfitted with a balanced combination of daring creativity and calculated caution developed in combination through his academic background in Biochemistry and his upbringing as a queer pagan punk rocker, Johnny attributes his successes in the cannabis industry and the nonprofit sector to his fascination with systems and the courage to fearlessly explore uncharted and taboo territory. Johnny is a passionate proactivist, a ferocious science fiction fantasy writer, and diligent systems reformer that stands for equity, improvementism, and mirth. Johnny lives in Santa Rosa with his husband and cats and the crippling anxiety that even more of his backed Kickstarter projects will deliver, and that one day the wobbling towers of board games will topple onto him as he is playtesting Apocalypse Cats, killing him before he can finish The Great Work.


A childhood obsession with Sci-fi and Fantasy combined with a love of video games has given Tommy the power to create immersive fictional worlds with unique characters and an endearing 'slap-stick' sense of humor. Also, the amazing modern advancements in creative technology give him these powers. Art and its expression are the best parts of life and Tommy is very honored to take part and share his whacky visions with the gaming community. Tommy was born in New Jersey, raised in California, and currently works from his home in Montezuma, Costa Rica as a painter, sculptor, craft beer tour operator, graphic designer, and tattoo artist. He has three cats, two dogs and all of them are amazing.

Instagram: @tommy.lovold

Roberto Faller, PhD

Lead Designer and Developer

Johnny Nolen

Writer and Concept Technician

Tommy Lovold

Artist and Character Designer